Welcome to Oxon Web Design


  • Oxfordshire-based support and focus for local enterprises
  • Specialised solutions for small businesses
  • Expertise in WordPress hosting, providing responsive, secure, and fast websites.


  • Extensive international support for your expanding business
  • Proficiency in handling Enterprise and Government sector needs
  • Capabilities to manage major e-commerce operations
  • Expertise in dealing with multi-lingual markets and international expansion needs.

Based in Oxfordshire, focused on supporting local enterprises.

At Oxon Web Design, we are a local extension of the Proud Brands family. Our existence is a manifestation of Proud Brands’ vision to make a global impact while empowering local markets. Proud Brands understood the unique benefit of having a local-focused unit, backed by a team well-versed in the specific needs of Oxfordshire businesses, hence Oxon Web Design was born.

With Oxon Web Design, we offer a personal touch to our clients as we can meet in person, understand your needs, and create tailored solutions for your business. The backing of Proud Brands equips us with global experience and resources within a local reach.

As your local business blooms into a larger, potentially international enterprise, rest assured, you won’t outgrow us. As a part of the Proud Brands family, we’ll be there to support your growth at every stage, always ready to meet your new business demands.

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